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RDES87HSKXFixes a problem where the main title bar on a Sametime chat does not display the correct person currently involved in the chat.
ADC8Y693XFixes an intermittent Notes crash while sending a Sametime chat message as E-mail.
ADC8PJPR3Fixes an intermittent Notes crash when the client refreshes the Sametime buddy list.
CSMH8YBRDMWhen forwarding a transcript as email, the previous chat transcript are appended to the email content. Prior to this fix,"Send As Email" would use a...
MLUO8NT6X4Fixes an intermittent refresh problem on Sametime sidebar where if there are multiple communites, and a user scrolsl up or down or logs in/out to...
PPRT8XDGVPFixed a Sametime hang issue on startup if user has the following two lines set in plugin_customization.ini...
JVSE7W5H93Fixeds an intermittent Notes client hang issue while sending a Sametime chat message.
ADEE8WAJLVFixes an intermittent Notes crash when viewing mail with preview panel opened.
SWAR8RWMRUFixes an intermittent problem where after the user clicks the business card and then hits the ESC key to close the chat window, the chat window...
YGAO8PLMV7Improves performance of high CPU usage when startup a new chat.
DJOE8Y3KVAFixes a problem where when the Sametime multi-party chat window pops up, it can not be supressed and focus remains there until the user clicks join...
MLUO93369AFixed an issue where if the end user changed font type in the preference page once, the default font can't be restored even if end user clicked...
RCFE79CU79Implemented an enhancement request that gives the user the option to enable or disable Sametime UI after it is installed.
ZMUD83GLFSFixes issue where the size and proportion of tabbed chat window was not being remembered.
HKOA8QUG9CFixed a problem where the user disconnects from the network but it does not reconnect to Sametime successfully if the user is using Domino SSO as the...
RREN8Y8E24Improved performance of heavy CPU usage in Sametime for some time. Linux Unbuntu Only.
NFRS8YFF8AThe official NAT support for Sametime exists since 852. Improved the error handling in case of similar environment with previous clients which...
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